Government Relations Update: HFES Submits Comments on NSF Strategic Plan

By Lewis-Burke Associates LLC  |  October 24, 2016

In September, HFES submitted comments to the National Science Foundation (NSF) on the NSF 2018–2022 Strategic Plan. The Society expressed its gratitude for the work being done by NSF to support basic research and education and offered recommendations as to how the Foundation may encourage technological discovery through the utilization of human factors/ ergonomics (HF/E) research and personnel. Specifically, the comments noted the integral part that HF/E plays in the implementation of new technologies by seeking to understand how humans interact with them, namely, human-systems integration.

As artificial intelligence, robotics, and autonomous transportation technologies become more advanced, interdisciplinary and convergent research initiatives will become increasingly important to advancing the NSF mission. HFES encouraged the Foundation to engage established scientific agencies with expertise in these areas as it moves forward with developing research priorities.

The input of HFES was in response to a preliminary comment period for the NSF 2018–2022 in which feedback was sought on the NSF vision and goals. HFES will continue to participate in the strategic planning process and to position HF/E as a vital component of the Foundation's research multidisciplinary portfolio.

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