Government Updates

HFES partners with Lewis-Burke Associates LLC to aid in promoting the importance of HF/E science among federal agencies and legislators.  Lewis-Burke has developed a Guide to Federal Outreach & Advocacy for use by HFES members. It includes instructions on how to identify your member of Congress, methods for interacting with policy makers, and procedures for developing an effective message, among other topics.

For information on social science programs available across the federal government, please refer to Lewis-Burke's Overview of Federal Funding Opportunities for Behavioral and Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities.

To illustrate topics of the sort you are likely to see posted here in the future, a list of announcements relating to public policy, as well as a list of HFES Bulletin titles published are provided below:


·       Senate Commerce Committee Favorably Reports Droegemeier and Morhard Nominations, September 2018

·       Senate Passes Defense and Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Appropriations Bills, September 2018

·       National Academies Releases Postworkshop Report on Neuroforensics and Emerging Neurotechnologies, August 2018

·       Senate Appropriations Committee Approves FY 2019 Defense Appropriations Bill, July 2018

·       Congress Continues Push for Appropriations Legislation, July 2018

·       Congress Raises Air Concerns of China’s and Foreign Nations’ Exploitation of U.S. Academic Research, June 2018

·       White House Holds Summit on Artificial Intelligence, Creates Select Committee on AI, June 2018

·       NSF and Air Force Sign Letter of Intent to Enable Future Collaborations, May 2018

·       White House Releases Rescission Package for Congress’ Consideration, May 2018

·       HFES Sends Letter to Congress Advocating for NASA Research Funding, May 2018

·       Congress Passes, and President Trump Signs, $1.3 Trillion Appropriations Bill, May 2018

·       Congressional Interest in Artificial Intelligence Grows, April 2018

·       DOT Hosts Public Meetings on Autonomous Vehicles, April 2018

·       Funding Opportunity: NSF Releases Solicitation for Future of Work at the Human - Technology Frontier: Advancing Cognitive and Physical
        Capabilities (FW-HTF), March 2018

·       Congress Looks to Pass Higher Education Act Reauthorization, February 2018​

·       Congress Continues to Debate Autonomous Vehicles Legislation in the New Year, January 2018​

·       Congress Passes Tax Reform Bill, January 2018​

·       Tax Reform Bill Heads to Conference, December 2017​

·       House Passes Tax Reform; Senate Bill Advances, November 2017​

·       NSF Releases Solicitation for Cyberlearning for Work at the Human-Technology Frontier Program, October 2017​

·       NIH to Implement New Clinical Trials Policies – Effective January 2018, October 2017​

·       Congress Passes Continuing Resolution to Avoid Government Shutdown, September 2017​

·       HFES Submits Comments to the Department of Justice on Forensic Science, July 2017 

·       National Academies Report Evaluates Contributions by Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences, July 2017

·       FY 2017 Omnibus Appropriations Bill Signed Into Law, June 2017

·       Trump Administration Releases Full FY 2018 Budget Proposal, June 2017

·       HFES Signs on to Friends of NIOSH Letter in Support of FY 2018 Funding, June 2017

·       President Signs NASA Legislation into Law, April 2017

·       HFES Responds to a National Academies Request for Comments on Social and Behavioral Sciences in National Security, March 2017

·       Mary "Missy" Cummings Selected for DOT Advisory Committee on Automation in Transportation, February 2017

·       Election Update, November 2016

·       Government Relations Update: HFES Submits Comments on NSF Strategic Plan, October 2016

·       Government Relations Update: HFES Hosts Forensic Science Panel at the Annual Meeting, October 2016

·       Government Relations Update: Senate CST Committee Hearing on the FAST Act, July 2016

·       HFES Responds to National Institute for General Medical Sciences RFI, July 2016

·       Congressional Update: HFES Cosponsors Briefing on Autonomous Systems and the Role of the Human, June 2016

·       Government Relations Update: Senate Passes FAA Reauthorization Legislation, May 2016

·       HFES Highlights Importance of NSF Funding at Capitol Hill Exhibition, May 2016

·       HFES Signs on to Friends of NIOSH Letter in Support of FY 2017 Funding, May 2016

·       HFES Advocates for Human Factors–Related Research in FY 2017 Appropriations, April 2016

·       HFES Advocates for Human Factors in FAA Reauthorization Legislation, April 2016

·       Government Relations Update: HFES Thanks Senate HELP Committee for Improving Health IT Act, April 2016